Touch Points

Help the Lungs and ease the cold

Agape. I haven’t had a cold in more than three years and now, just before my holidays, I got it. My immune system was so eager and focused on time off (Are we there yet?!?!?!Are we?!), that completely forgot to take a good care of me. 🙂 The reality is that lately I allowed stress to protrude and I allowed imbalance to happen.

Bless the Universe that gave me the strength to approach a cold in a different way and allowed me to treat myself without touching pills or other intrusive treatments. Through Agape I am approaching illness by looking at the core of my feelings and finding an understanding of the whole. Fear and negative thoughts allows for the immune system to lessen its strength but I have found the ways to bring back the light and re-balance with the help of Reflexology and Qi-ssage.

A Tip that I would like to share with you today is how to easily release the congestion from the lungs and improve breathing. As the lungs are situated in the upper side of the body, according to Reflexology, you will find them represented on the feet in the padded area under your toes and on the hands in the upper side of the hand, following the padding. As I love Eunice Ingham’s chart of Reflexology, I am adding it here for you to better see the specific areas for Reflexology and massage.

eunicechartEunice Ingham – 1938 Reflexology Chart


I started my massage praying for the Universe to reinforce me with healing powers. In the first 2 minutes, the lung areas in both hands and feet were so sore, that my screaming would have awakened a deep sleepy cat. I continued applying pressure on the thumbs and fingers, did a good rub as well and in the next 5 minutes, the pain was released, and the first signs of improved breathing appeared. And from there, it was again easier to allow my body to benefit from deep breathing that helped the detox process of my lungs. I repeated the pressure applied to the area 4 times along the day.

The secrets of my day outside hands and feet Reflexology and Massage were: filtered water, raw honey (that relieved my throat of congestion) and herbal tea.


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