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Show off and touch your middle finger


middle-fingerAgape. As Life is unpredictable but reacts to our thoughts and feelings, is it for the best to be truth with ourselves, to see through the dust and know who we are and what are we looking for. It is not easy and sometimes the unbearable feelings of anger, sadness or depression that we experience do empty us and make us feel weak. We are not!

To gain back the strength and to believe in ourselves, complementary therapies like Agape Touch Therapy always reaches your Self with amazing techniques. Today I will share with you a calming point/area for anger and rage, moments when Qi energy is blocked in the Pericardium Meridian that passes through your middle fingers. I am sure you know the symbolic behind showing the middle finger. I must be honest with you: until I started studying complementary therapies I inclined to believe that seeing that finger meant I am doomed or coursed by a finger malware or something; as I knew from body language how much rage that symbol represented.

Hold firmly your middle finger for one minute and get rid of your anger
Hold firmly your middle finger for one minute and get rid of your anger

To release the anger from our spirit and body, we must close our eyes, breathe deeply into the abdomen and hold firmly our middle finger for one minute on both hands (the whole length of the finger) and even pressurise with the opposite hand the sides of the finger, at the base of our nails.

Drink a glass of cold water sipping slowly and recognise your anger, asking for your anger to give you answers on what your body really needs and what is the purpose of your emotions? and for the anger to leave your body keeping your good health and Self.

As our bodies have a circulatory pathway for Qi energy and 12 main meridians or channels for Qi to flow, the middle finger is crossed by the Pericardium Channel named as well “King’s Bodyguard”, as the pericardium is a membrane enclosing the heart or the King. Its energy protects the heart from damage created by our emotional energies generated by all organs like anger from Liver, fear from Kidneys and grief from Lungs. I will tell you more about all these in future posts. For now, the anger that accumulates in the Liver and areas like shoulders, neck, jaws, can easily damage not only our Liver & Co but as well our Heart. So, anger has a highly-rated damage point and uncontrolled will make us feel weak like a paper gazebo on a windy day. Anger can be good if it is used in a healthy way to make good life choices and we must be aware of it and accept is as a human and animal characteristic. Anger can help us to protect ourselves and other vulnerable people, if it has a balancing value. When degenerates, our body gets constricted and the spirit suffers.

So Love yourself, show the finger and touch the points, breathe the joy, taste the world, love life and holistic treats with Agape! And share with me your feed-back and results.




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