Touch Points

What’s up, thumb?

Agape to all of you. Today we will focus on a special finger, Mr. Thumb. And not without reason. Have you ever found yourself at the dentist grabbing and squeezing your thumb? Or maybe you realised that in a stressful situation you tend to peel the husks around your thumbs? What about children sucking their thumbs when they need comfort and reassurance?! Me too. 🙂

In Jin Shin Jyutsu practice, each finger has associated an emotion as our meridians are passing through our fingers and allows for energy to flow and recharge our lives. The Thumb is crossed by the Lung Meridian, that controls breath and energy. So, grabbing and holding the Thumb brings balance to our emotions, help us relieve the worries in our lives. And much much more…

In Reflexology and Acupressure, the thumb of each hand left/right represents right and left half side of our head, neck and cervical spine. And many wonders are hidden in our amazing big fingers. The Pituitary gland, the master gland that produces hormones and influences our kidneys, growth, reproduction, that balances the whole body, mind spirit and controls our thoughts is in the brain and represented right there in our thumbs. Just in the middle. And when you will find it both in feet and hands you are going to fill small needles when pressing. That means you are activating the gland, which is wonderful news.

So, grab your thumbs, ask what’s up and give them a big hug all over. You’ll just love it!!

If you have any queries, I am happy to raise the thumb up and show you some thumb dance moves too:)


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