Touch Points

Hold it, Ring it to the bottom and Let it Go

Agape. Yes, the title may be a little bit confusing but actually it is filled with truth.

So take your ring finger with the opposite hand and hold it… hold it… hold it for at least 2 minutes embraced with the energy of your hand grip, in a small break of everything else. Then go to the bottom of it and massage thoroughly the roots of the ring finger. Just breathe deeply into the abdomen, enjoy the silence and Let it Go!

Relaxation technique. Hold your ring finger for 2 minutes every day.

I am in a time of my life when I feel especially attracted to my ring fingers. And yes, it may sound terrible to have such attractions in life. I realised that I am wearing my rings on the ring fingers, ignoring completely the other fingers. Such a tragedy! And I started gaining weight, uncontrollable.  And I realised that even I like doing what I do at the moment to earn my living, I am not entirely happy with the environment I am working in and with my lack of confidence that I sometimes suffer from. And all this happened in the last month, time when I completely ignored my knowledge and experience and I let my ring fingers unattended. And not because I’m missing a wedding ring. 🙂

Are you wondering how do all those above connect?

In Japanese and Chinese healing systems, the ring fingers are representative for our negativity, sadness, sorrow and self doubt. It is the same area that influences the digestive system, the respiration and the urinary system. The ring fingers are covered with reflexology and pressure points but most importantly, are crossed by a very important meridian in the body, the Triple Warmer or San Jiao. It is a Yang meridian coming from the outer tip of the ring finger, passes on the back of the hand, wrist, forearm, upper arm and shoulder and from here goes in branches to the thorax, to the abdomen and to the pelvis. So heart, breathing and digestion. Can you see now the connection with my declarations from above? Other disharmony or imbalance symptoms are connected with the ear, throat and nose.

Holding the ring finger helps balancing the emotions, brings more creativity and beauty in life, beautiful relationships and communication. And wearing amethyst, turquoise, moonstone and jade on this fingers helps balancing energies, helps communication and self confidence.

Love your fingers, love yourself and love unconditionally. Agape.


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